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The Aquamax KF PLUS

Aquamax KF Plus titrators have been specifically designed for the determination of water content, combining coulometry with the Karl Fischer method. The versatile Aquamax KF Plus is suitable for a wide range of applications and offers many advantages including a tough measuring vessel, a 'press go' keypad and built-in printer.

Water Check

The μg check button allows the operator to simply press go, inject 1μl or maybe 10μl of distilled water (as required by some ASTM methods) and verify if the instrument and reagent are working with in their required specification. The μg check overrides the programmed calculation and displays/prints out a report of the verification check.

water check button and syringe

Measuring vessel

The unique LDC glassware design is by far the easiest to use and also the most robust. The electrode locking system allows the joints to seal completely, without the use of grease or PTFE sleeves, and provides improved baseline stability. Hassle free assembly and disassembly.

Measuring Vessel



Single shot Karl Fischer Reagent

Aquamax KF Reagent A is a general coulometric KF anolyte for use with generator electrodes which incorporate a frit or diaphragm to separate the anode and cathode chambers. Used in conjunction with Reagent C this formulation is supplied in a pack of 8 x 100ml bottles, 8 x 5ml cathode vials, all conveniently located in a single carton.

To conform to ASTM, API, EI, ISO (plus others) methodology for water content determination of oil and petroleum products, the anode regent must be modified with xylene to improve sample solubility and miscibility.

Aquamax KF Reagent is pre-mixed with xylene, and other solubilizers to eliminate side reactions, so that the operator does not have to store or mix chemicals.


• Simple operation
• 10 user programmable methods
• 1ppm / 100%
• Results in ppm, mg/kg, % & μg water


• Multi language display & print out
• Small footprint
• Integral high speed printer
• Integral battery


• Fully portable
• Low drift cell design
• Results Manager software
• Automatically compensated errors

Results manager

This is a windows application that allows you to view and print sets of results created by the Aquamax KF itrator. It can download results directly from the instrument via a serial port connection, or open result files previously saved to disk. The Results Manager package contains all necessary cables, connections, installation cd and user manual.

For those who need to use the titrator outside of the laboratory, the removable flash drive (memory stick) will store all the results whilst you complete your on-site work. The USB flash drive can then be connected to a pc and results downloaded via Results Manager when returning to your work place.


All Aquamax KF Coulometric titrators are supplied with a calibration certificate traceable to national standards. Contact Us For Full Details

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